dimanche 19 juillet 2015

Dark energy and Newton third law

The law of the invariance of the total movement of quantities can be expressed with the Newton third law(action-reaction), it suffices simply considered that the variation of an momentum by time unit is a force, then just write like this:

(the variation in the sum of the total contraction momentum) per unit of time equal to (the variation of the sum of total expansion momentum) per unit of time

This compare to:

"to every action, an equal and opposite reaction"

This is obviously the galaxies that are approaching to each other in the super cluster of galaxies and that are the super cluster of galaxies that are moving away from each other.

Reference to Newton third law(in French):

Newton third law(in French)

Reference for Planck's picture ( and discussion on a French forum):

Others <<teacchings>> by Planck photo(in French)

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